Ten Cents a Dance




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RE:ten cents a bust

It is a shame to give this play even 1 star. I love Williamstown and have never been let down by a show but I am sorry to say there is a first time for everything. I never write reviews online this is a first for me but after the conversations I had after the show I felt like I had to. This play is a review not a musical which is what it is billed as. I love Malcolm Gets which is the main reason I got tickets, I usually stick to the classics but being a college student I am up for trying anything new having never heard of this play or reading a review I was expecting the best but it is a slow weird thing. No dialogue just song into song with no rythm. It felt forced through the whole show leaving me wondering every second when something was going to happen I loved the woman sitting behind me wispering to her husband that :it just keeps going". The premise of the play is this man slowly walks down stairs, plays piano, women walk down stairs, everyone freezez for far tooooo long, everyone sings, everyone freezes, everything sings, everyone freeses, take a bow, new song, take a bow, repeat a sone and play over I really want to be nice to this play I really really wanted to like it!!! but I can say that it was just bad, and I am truly sorry to say that. If you want a great play drive the 40 minutes to Lenox mass. The hounds of the bakservilles was the single funniest thing I had ever seen, a perfect play, even As you LIke it at shakespeare and Co was sooo mush better and actually worth the money. This was my first bad play at Williamstown and I hope my last, I love what Jenny is doing and hope she keeps it up.