A Delicate Balance

Opened Aug 21, 2010
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Agnes and Tobias, a 50-something couple, want nothing more than to be left alone. However, they are saddled with Agnes's alcoholic sister. When their daughter returns home as a result of her fourth divorce and their best friends seek asylum from some unnamed "fear", tensions fray and every relationship in the house threatens to fall apart. An examination of the intricate web we all create among our friends and family and how easily it can all fall apart, A Delicate Balance sings with Albee's trademark lyricism and insight. This Pulitzer Prize-winning piece is poignant, incisive, and funny.

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A Delicate Balance - Aug 25, 2010

Maureen Anderman, Mia Dillon, Keir Dullea, Lisa Emery, et al. Set for Berkshire Theatre Festival's Delicate Balance - Jun 24, 2010

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