Opened Sep 17, 2010
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Candida is a highly provocative playwright of ideas by George Bernard Shaw. The high-minded and articulate Rev. James Morrell (40'ish) is the toast of London, speaking every night on Fabian Socialism and self-improvement. He is married to the ravishing Candida who makes the perfect help-mate. Suddenly, into their lives pops Eugene Marchbanks, a suitably miserable young Romantic poet who has been sleeping in a nearby park. Eugene is pitiful in every way. Which makes him look even more hopeless when he announces that he is in love with Candida and demands that she choose between him and Morrell. Eugene denounces Morrell as a hopeless fraud. Also, on the scene are Burgess, Candida's rapscallion father; Prossy, Morrell's spinster secretary who is, we suspect, in love with her employer; and Lexy the gawky assistant minister.

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